Our Services

Fire Safety Service

Installation of statutory fire notices and fire fighting equipment in strategic parts of the building. Basic training of staff to deal with fire emergencies.

Catering Services

Provision of company daily launch, training sessions. Providing a wide range of delicious Nigerian and continental meals for staff. We cover a wide range of Nigeria, oriental and buffets to a la carte menus to cater for business luncheons, birthday dinners, evening cocktails, etc.

Landscaping and Beautification

Landscaping and beatification services: Horticultural services . Planting of aesthetic plants and trimming of hedges to suit prevalent design and soil structure.

Plumbing Services

Laying of pipes through facility. Repairs of broken and blocked pipes in offices, toilets and kitchen works.

Furniture & Upholstery

Modern and vintage settee for office and home. Repair of damaged furniture.

Interior Decoration

Decorative and professional painting for all interior and exterior surfaces to suit office and residential premises. Advice on color matching and placement of furniture according to office culture or intended refract.

Cleaning Services
Street and Road cleaning:

Thorough sanitation (emptying of dustbins, waste and sewage disposal, mechanical sweeping and mopping) of surrounding areas of building to improve attractiveness of the premises.

Post construction and cleaning:

Clearing of all vestige of debris accumulated during building of infrastructure in preparation for painting and furnishing.

Facade and High-rise building cleaning:

Washing and polishing of glass windows and frontages of skyscrapers.